Monday, April 24, 2006

Day 102 - Hershey Trip

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Today's road trip takes us to the town of Hershey. Now you make as why oh why is the town called Hershey? If you have sufficient knowledge of chocolates, it is the place where everyone's fav hershey kisses and other chocs are made! Its like a trip to Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory, just that in our case it was a free preview >.< Well in anycase here are some shots from the trip(rest will be posted on the photoalbum):

Inside the "preview" tour

Inside the "preview" tour

Inside the "preview" tour

The Kissmobile

Fun shot around the town

For lunch we got to try the yummy hershey's deserts!!!

Kit Kat Kreme Pie (Adrian)

Mix your own Icecream(Pacey)

Volcano (Deliang and Weijia)

And shopping for chocolates at THE place for chocolates:

Nice Caps

5lb bars.... YES those are REAL CHOCS

A nice shopping cart full of our goods

Well after Hershey we had some time left so we travelled around the region exploring, first place we went to was Harrisberg, that is the state capital.... more like some ghost town... not sure why. When we arrived, there was really no one around!

In front of the senate

Senate house notice on the left, there are 6 protesters... poor thing only 6 and no one really cared.. makes no sense to protest when no one is around anyway

Forrest Gump?

Well, sometimes the best roadtrips are the ones with no particular goal, we just drove around and stopped around where we thought was nice. 2 places we stopped were at a memorial dam and some hill with a very nice view.

What was formerly a dam

Me just chilling

View of a small brook created by the dam

Hill with a view

Nice view again

erm just some random thing we ran into

Sometimes.... we just need to travel around, no goal, with just the urge to explore and experience. The things you find can sometimes really surprising and very nice.


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