Monday, April 17, 2006

Recipe: Tiramisu ver 1.0 (using Ricotta Chese sub)

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Decided to make a recipe I am familar with, a basic tiramisu.

2 egg yolks
2 egg whites
3-4 tbs of Sugar
500g Ricotta cheese (it was a substitute for the usual Mascapone cheese cos I could not find any)
Some Strong coffee (best if there was expresso, but thick coffee works for me)
Some Cocoa powder
Lady Finger biscuits (20+)

Step 1: Beat the whites until you get soft peaks
Step 2: Mix the yolk and sugar, then add the cheese in. Whisk till smooth
Step 3: Fold the whites into the cheese mixture. Fold gently
Step 4: Coat the lady fingers with coffee, place into a tray
Step 5: Dust the first layer of lady fingers with cocoa powder then pour the mixture on top.
Step 6: Repeat 4 and 5
Step 7: Cover tray with foil, leave in fridge for 4 hrs at least
Step 8: Dust the top with more powder for looks

Lesson learnt from this experience: Never use ricotta cheese only, it is simply wrong. I should probably added some heavy cream to smoothen the cheese or just get Mascapone cheese


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