Friday, May 12, 2006

Day 129 - Accident on the R5... AGAIN

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Someone once said, "Lightning does not strike twice in the same place." That person has gotta be Kidding me in my balls. I would definitely like to introduce my friend MURPHY to him/her.

On the way home today from a good dat at work, then the train stopped at Glenside station. The conductor came in... "Ladies and Gentlemen, apparantly some guy got hit by the train ahead of us, so we will be delayed while the police do their job." (At this point Adrian has the urge to say "AGAIN?!??!")

Why did I have the urge, pls refer to Adrian's Great Adventure

So I got off the train took a walk around, asked the conductor a few qns. Turns out someone did indeed got knocked down by the train ahead of mine. There were quite alot of police around. Being the typical Singaporean, I went around taking pictures with my camera phone. Sadly I have no way of uploading them >< (no cable to connect to my laptop)

Anyway I had a good chat with the conductor:

Adrian: What happened?
Conductor: Someone was crossing the tracks and the train hit him... I think he did not survive
Adrian: Yeaaa I guess its pretty hard to survive being knocked down by a train
Conductor: Yup.. very hard
*Awakward Silence*
Adrian: So how do I get to Centre City?

Well I knew this was Glenside, so there was a bus to Frenrock where i can take the broadstreet subway... then it started raining so I chose to stay on the train where is nice and warm. I made myself comfortable and went to sleep. Eventually they cleared the body and life went on as usual.


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