Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Day 131 - The barber of terror

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After over 5 months, I finally got around to getting a hair cut. With summer coming (not to mention having a strand of hair nearly falling into my expt), I decided that its time to cut my hair. Following Timothy's recommandation($8 per cut, super cheap), I went to this Vietnamese barber at 45th and Locust.

Now the following signs should have warned me that things might be going wrong:

1) Upon entering, you only see aunties there getting a perm for their hair.
2) The barber cutting does not understand what i wanted in english(contary to what tim told me). I tried to tell him, slope, cut short etc etc... no avail.
3) When communicating in mandarin, I believe he only understood short and long in mandarin. So I had to point at a particular part of my hair and say long or short or in between.
4) When cutting my hair, the barber suddenly when "tsk tsk" in the tone what you would make when you made a mistake and it annoyed you.

After that point, my heart skipped a beat.... what could have happened? I had to take off my glasses so I had no idea what was going on. In "Adrian vision"(no glasses) all i see is a black patch around my head going smaller and shorter.

Well when it was all done, the result was decent, any mistake was not visible(if there was any). I was pretty pleased until the barber when removing the cloth around me, poured all the cut hair onto my shorts.... WTH... In the end, all he got was a dollar tip... and he should be pretty glad about that.

Well, my hair is short now!

Taken via webcam as my memory card for my digicam was taken by weijia for her trip to west coast


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