Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Day 134 - BBC's screw up, the tale of 2 Guys

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Was just surfing around the more prominant blogs today, then I found this interesting post on Mr Brown's blog.

BBC actually made the mistake of interviewing the wrong guy during one of the news shows. Apparantly they were suppose to interview an IT expert on the Beatles' Apple Corps and Apple Computer lawsuit. But it turns out, the poor guy bring interviewed was there for a job interview! Initially word was out that it was a taxi driver, but this was eventually clarified.

The expert's name is Guy Kewney and his "imitation" is Guy Goma. Amazingly why such a mistake could have been made, those 2 guys are literally as different as black and white. Surely BBC should have known how their "expert" would look like.

Check out the poor guy's (pun intended) expression when he realised he is the wrong person:

And here is the BBC report on the incident:

Well, the conclusion of the entire incident is, that GUY can smoke out very well. He throws smoke grenades with the best of them. If I did not know about the actual incident, I might not have noticed it myself.


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