Sunday, June 25, 2006

Day 166 to 167 - Poconos again

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Went to Poconos again, this time for WHITEWATER RAFTING!!! It was a pretty huge group, batch 6 + batch 7 + a few friends.

Unfortunately I got no photos or anything cos I did not want my camera to get wet.

Whitewater rafting was so fun! Although it did not rain the night before which would make the river flow faster, it was still great! I did get knocked out of the boat going over the rapids and had to hang onto to it and get dragged along for a while(till the rapids were cleared) before i could be pulled back up.

My boat consisted of Lawrence, Deliang, Wayne, Estee and Jessica(estee's friend). It was definitely a blast, had lots of fun navigation around rocks (me and law were at the back so we steered) with wayne and deliang yelling left and right. There were even moments to laze on the boat to suntan or jump into the river for a nice swim.

It was definitely great to get back into the great outdoors and enjoy sun, water and nature :)


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