Friday, June 02, 2006

Day 145 - Niagara Falls - The SPICE of Life

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Part 3: Spice

For dinner we decided to head down to Buffalo, NY for dinner. Now what could Buffalo be famous for? Perhaps it was BUFFALOs? WRONG!

BUFFALO wings? Yes you are absolutely correct! Although one should take note that Real life buffalos do not have wings, they cannot fly (yes yes..old and lame joke, often reused)

Our destination in Buffalo was the Anchor Bar, its the place where the famous buffalo wings originated (or so they claim). It was only 5pm and the place was already pretty packed ( I could tell as the parking lots were pretty filled up as well). No surprise to what majority of the people where eating.

So we sat down and ordered 50 wings, mixture of mild and medium (since deliang had chiliphobia). After eating several wings, I just felt it was too mild, too boring, I needed to SPICE up my life!!!

Calling the waitress over, I asked for the Spicest version they had, the Dreaded "Suicide Wings" *insert Darth Vader Theme here*.

When the wings finally arrived, I could tell it was really hot and spicy just from smelling it. Cat was kind enough to video the entire process of me downing a dozen of these Suicide wings.

So with out further ado.... here is "Surviving the Suicide" with a step by step first hand account.

Part 1

After a nice introduction by Cat, I was off to what seemed like a strong and steady start. My strategy was to slowly pace myself. After all I had no idea how spicy it could be at that point of time. Better to eat at a regular pace then stuff in all down my throat and get a backlash of spice overload.


Wing number 2 and already I could feel some of the heat from the wings. It seemed that the spice was the kind that stays around and gets stronger over time. I was taking slow and cautious bites, using blue cheese to counter the spice(not much effect, trust me)


I managed to convince Cat and Lawrence to taste a bit of the suicide sauce, after all its NOT that bad right? Well their expression and feedback later proved otherwise "ZOMG, i bwurnt my twunge"

Part 4

This was about more the halfway through, after my success of convincing (tricking) lawrence into tasting the sauce, i tried to convice the resident Chiliphobe,deliang to taste some, pretty obvious that he would not even try :p

Part 5

3/4 way through, and I am really feeling it now. The sauce is the kind where the heat and spiceness compounds up as you eat more and more. So the more wings i ate, the more heat i felt. By then i could already feel my lips and tongue burning. I shall conquer!!!!

Part 6

Alrighty, final wing.... they say the last stretch is always the hardest, how true... by then i was sweating profusely, my tongue felt numb, my brain felt like it was getting cooked, my nose was getting very runny, and there were signs of tears flowing from my eyes... DAMN it feels goooooood

Part 7

And the finishing bites to the Last of the dozen wings!

Anyway here is the before and after shot



It was certainly an experience eating so many wings at 1 sitting, in all i had 23 wings (11 regulars and 12 suicide). Well the aftermath was definitely not very fun. I felt very stoned and high at the same time, guess it was all that spice going to my head. I managed to stumble back to the car so we could go back to niagara, but not before i stopped by the gift shop and got my self...............

Survived Suicide Wings... FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!


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