Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Day 155 - Webcomics

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There was a time, not long ago, on the internet appeared a comic strip.
It was a small site, clean and simple, just the comic and some words.
Over time people read it, its popularity grew.
Readership doubled, triped, it just BOOMED.
The little comic had grown, it needed more bandwidth, it needed more money.
Soon there were ads, merchandise and donation boxes all over the site.
It was not longer a comic, it was a business.
Yet the passion, the humour still remained.
Hmm, sounds like a pretty crappy attempt at poetry yar?
I been reading webcomics for a pretty long time, i could not even remember when I started. I just remembered the first strip I saw was pvponline. Well just to clarify that webcomics are not just merely regular comics we see on the newspapers scanned onto the internet. It also consists of comics that are only found online. Most webcomics artist do it as a hobby or as a passion, few are able to do it as a real job, getting income via the comics. The most famous has gotta be penny arcade. They achieve a readership of 2 million each day! In fact they make so much money, the 2 guys who did PA, started a charity(child's play) to help kids. It has to help improve the image of gamers in general, after all we gamers are not about violence yar? Most of us are kind souls who would love to donate stuff to charity. They also can afford to hold their own convention!

Anyway here are the webcomics I am currently reading, they are from a mixture of genre, ranging from gamer humour (PA and PVP) to RPG humour (OOTS) to stuff that are pretty serious. The first 4 are my personal favs. Especially pvponline, with its daily updates and gotta love Kurtz for his strong opinions.
Well there was an article from pvponline that links to this article about the business of webcomics. Its pretty interesting how people are now able to make a living, and a pretty good one at that from humour on the internet! linky


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