Friday, June 09, 2006

Day 157 - Typhoon

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Went to watch an early release of the Korean Movie: Typhoon, its basically an action/thriller show. A group of 13 of us, including Gean, Cat, Rex, Kaihong, Eric, Wayne, Estee... etc etc (too many to name lah) showed up at the Ritz(the cinema). Gotta thank Estee for the free tics, so THANKS Estee!

Sypnosis(taken from the postcard):
Sin, a pirate who lives with hatred in his heart(for Korea), cos of what he saw as betrayal by the S. Korean govt when his family tried to defect from the North. He seeks revenge with a nuclear typhoon(gotta see the show to know why). Kang Se-Jong is an elite Korean Naval Officer who was investigating the hijacking of an american ship and as drawn into Sin's plan as he triest to stop him.

Personal Take:
Starting was confusing, but the ending was pretty nice, quite poetic in a way. But the development of the characters could use a bit more screen time as it did not feel that smooth.


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