Thursday, June 29, 2006

Day 172 to173 - 47/02 SOCC!!!!

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It was a gathering of old army friends, Siyang who was studying at CMU over the summer, decided he was bored and hated being stuck in Pittsburgh, so he dropped by Philadelphia to visit me and Gabriel Ng (who studies at UPenn). The 3 of us have known each other since army days back in OCS when we were trainees at the school of signal. NO COMMS NO REST!

Heck me and Siyang go even further back, we known each other since sec 1 being from The Chinese High School's NPCC(National Police Cadet Corp) unit.

I was pretty surprise when Siyang told me that he was craving for dim sum! why? Because Pittsburgh had NO china town! OMGBBQ!!! (yes I was that surprised) So we brought him to chinatown where we had our fill to dimsum at imperial inn.

After that, it was Philly Cheese Steak, after all you cannot say you been to philly if you never had 1 of these. Gab drove us down to Pat's King of Steak for some uber cheese steak. Now what makes a Philly cheese steak a Philly cheese steak and not some regular Cheese Steak? Cheese Whiz. Yup, Cheese wiz, 'Nuff said, period.

Then we had a good old KTV session where Siyang sang his heart out, Gab proved his voice is perfect, and I errrmmm kindda sang backup. Oh yar, Gab's friend Gabi also joined us.

Unfortunately Siyang still HAS NOT given me the photos so NO photos ><


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