Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Day 183 - Land of the free and Home of the brave....

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Date: 4th July, Independence Day

Location: Philadelphia Museum of Art

Event: Independence Day Parade, Concert and FIREWORKS display

Lawrence, Deliang and me headed down to the Franklin Institute to catch the parade after watching the world cup. (Pretty bummed that Germany had loss but it was a good match, Italy was the better team) Anyway it was a very nice parade, I shall just let the pictures do the talking:

Crowd Gathering

Very very happy Italian Fans

A performer


More performers


African Themed Performance i think

Bhangra-robics anyone? (only Team Tesla will know this joke :p)

Spears and voodoo dolls!


The 3 of us

After the parade we fought our way through the crowd and made our way to the Art Museum, there we were treated to a concert featuring Lionel Richie and Fantasia. But the key highlight was the FIREWORKS, who cares about the concert yar? hehe

Heading to the Art Musuem

Check out the crowd

"Ladies and Gentlemen, due to the weather forcast predicting that the current rain might get more severe, we decided to cut the concert short........ to bring you THE FIREWORKS!!!!"

p.s Wayne who joined us for the fireworks also took a video of the entire event: shall post it once i get it from him. Thanks Wayne!!!!


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