Monday, July 03, 2006

Day 180 - Kolen Family Visit

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Ahhh.. this is a really really interesting story on how the Kolen Family got to know the people of NOC. The seniors of batch 6 were having a usual road trip when they stopped by a field to do something(probably rest or take pics, cannot remember but its not impt) when Bill Kolen invited them over for dinner. (He just happened to be there)

This subsequently lead to a thanksgiving dinner visit by some of the batch 6 seniors. Then one day, Tzeling organised another visit to them (quite recently) and there was a batch 7 present, Cat! So now, 2 generations have met the Kolens. Then Cat organised a visit to them on the 1st of July for somewhat of a mini 4th July celebration with about 70% of batch 7 showing up, so that was how they got to met most of batch 7! This is kindda a tradition yar?

Anyway just a brief intro, Bill and Jill are the husband and wife and they have too lovely kids, Billy and Ariel.

Alrighty, there was so many thing to do there! I had a light sabre fight with the kids where i was more or less Darth Zhou the evil one and i got cut up pretty good. Then we helped Bill moved the fireworks out, YES fireworks, americans are allowed to set up fireworks unless Singaporeans ><. It was amazing, the amount pyrotechnics Bill has got in the house! So Cool!!!! Yea i love things that go BOOM ^^

So we played football with Billy, and a nice swim in the pool, played with more football and ate a very Uber BBQ, amazing the amt of food! We got to meet Bill's friends and neighbours, like Chuck who was a very nice guy and a beer expert.

Me and rex and billy

Ariel, cat and alvin

Throwing Billy into the water

Ariel Catching Lightning Flies

Well the highlight of the night has to be FIREWORKS, really what Bill had set up was as good as most fireworks display I have seen in Singapore, except this one was done at home and I got to see it so up close and personal. COOOOOOL

For more fireworks vid, just email me or msn me.

This is the beauty of NOC, travelling around, meeting people getting to know different cultures and realising how similar everyone is once you look past the obvious differences. We all love fun, good food, friends. The inital meeting was truely serendipity, a chance meeting that has lead to such open and wonderful friendship


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