Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Day 189 - Mahi Mahi fish and Mahi mahi rants

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Today my boss gave me and my co-worker a huge pack of Mahi Mahi Fish. He caught those fish with his family when they went deep sea fishing in North Carolina in the gulf stream drift (yes i still remember my sec 3 geography). Pity I haven't gotten the pictures from him yet, amazing 60 mahi mahi fish in 25 minutes caught by 6 people!

I so miss eating fish, its not cheap here in the USA so we tend to eat beef or chicken which are in greater abundence and cheaper too! Well looks like a few days of fish... yum!

Well the world cup ended yesterday, Italy won on penalty. Guess it is a good morale booster for a country whose soccer league is current in the midst of a corruption scandal. Italy's defence was definitely good, but the french were were able to find ways to break it.

But i think the unfortunate incident this finals was Zidane's headbutt. Its quite sad to see him end his career with a red card. He was playing a great match, the incident with his shoulder was reminscent of Franz Beckenbauer who played a match in a sling cos Germany had no more subs left (Italy vs Germany 1970). I mean if he finished the game proper, win or lose i think he would have gone out is STYLE.

Really, quite a sad way to end it, the french press will have a field day...

On a side note, pacey used his pro skills taking photos of my world cup cake:


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