Sunday, July 16, 2006

Day 194 - Diet Coke + Mentos

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I remember when i was young i would throw a mentos sweet into a bottle of coke, pepsi and quickly cap the bottle. Then I would run to a safe distance and wait for it to blow up! It was pretty common knowledge that carbonated drinks + mentos = BOOM!!

While initially some think of it as a chemical reaction (baking soda + vinegar volcano) but actually from what I learnt, its more of a physical reaction. Full explaination on this blog.
Ok for summary of the overall explanation, carbonated drinks contains tons of CO2 (carbon dioxide), all this is prevented from escaping due to attraction between water molecules. Mentos will break this surface tension and also provide a surface for bubbles to form. Also what mentos is made of somehow expedites this bubble formation process. Results is a big boom!

Anyway these guys brought mentos and diet coke fun to a whole new level:

On a side note, I am STILL waiting for my laptop to be repaired. Its been over 1 week already!!! Hopefully next week will be the week. Gotta thank pacey for sharing his laptop with me so I can actually do some blogging, emailing, chatting and work.


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