Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Day 197 - Heatwave *melts*

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The weather is pretty hot these days, even at night. Its been in the high 90F recently (about 35-38 C). While this is similar to weather in Singapore, there seems to be lots more cloud cover in Singapore and probably cos my house has no a/c (aircon). Philadelphia has actually issued a heat wave warning and I heard officials are giving away fans for people to cool themselves off. But nothing beats jumping into the fountains in Philadelphia like those in fairmount park or the philly art musuem. (Read about it in the papers today)

Guess I gave an excuse to stay at work or hang out at Fresh Grocers(24hr supermarket) or go Tim's place to play board games (with a/c).

I wish i was like the characters in this ad, in a nice tropical isle... swimming pool... relax...


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