Thursday, July 20, 2006

Day 198 - Adrian's Great Adventure Part 3 (why Glenside station AGAIN)

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It was a regular morning.... at least i thought it would be. A cup of ice coffee to start the day, perfect.

Boarded the train, reading the usual metro and Times magazine, finally dozing off after 5 stations.(pretty routine)

Suddenly at Glenside station, the conductor woke up me from my sleep, "Glenside is the last stop, a shuttle bus will take you guys further to doylestown!"

The voice in my head went, "WTH, GLENSIDE AGAIN!!!" Previously I had a 2 wonderful incidents at this station. First was when a dumptruck cut the power lines for the train. Second when some guy decided that standing in front of the r5 regional rail was the best way to leave this cruel world.

Trainload of commuters stranded

So I waited...and waited... and waited

*fast forward 1 hr

This first signs of a shuttle bus arrives.... 1 shuttle bus for 1 trainload of people going to work... so we waited... and waited then finally 2 more buses arrived. The convoy of 3 buses (including 1 super long bus, reminds me of the 106 back in sg)

3 bus convoy

Arriving at the first stop, the buses turn into the carpark to drop some people off. Bus 1 had difficulties getting out, requiring 3 point turn (more like 5), reason being that the carpark was PACKED with cars... duh. The driver of my bus (the super long one) thought it was possible to turn as well..... until he got the bus stuck.

Geezzz... Stuck

3 little buses started this trip, 1 got stuck and now there were 2. As the 2 remaining buses went on, I realised the driver of the bus I was on did NOT know the way, he was just following the lead bus (he admitted it to a few of us who stood in front). The day was just perfect... and in 2 traffic jams and that was just icing on the cake.

Total time: 3 hrs +

On a side note, while waiting for the shuttle buses to arrive, I went around the carpark taking photos of the cute ball things people like to attach onto their car radio antennas.


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