Friday, September 01, 2006

Day 231 - Hakuna Matata

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Managed to get rush tickets for the Lion King Musical shown at the Kimmel Center right here in Philadelphia, all for just $28!! I went there with Charmaine and Jingdi (both SEP) and met 2 of my jnrs, Weijie and Mark there.

This musical was based on the movie I saw when i was young. It was VERY nice!!! The introduction itself was enough to WOW anyone. It was the birth of Simba and ALL THE ANIMALS were on stage. It was amazing, the giraffes came out, then from the audience the elephants and rhinos made their entrance. There was no real live animals or anything, the costumes they used were very innovative! The main characters did not have to dress up in some weird lion suit, they have this mask that can be lowered when they bend down, to symbolise a lion prowling or getting aggressive. Other then that, its just a guy with a mask on his head :p

The costumes were just amazing, even the people dressed up as trees and grass :p

Showdown between Mufasa and Scar

Giraffes and Cheeta in the intro

I was most impressed by the person who played Rafiki, the wise baboon. her voice was simply AMAZING. Everytime she sings and chants you really feel as if you were in the African Savannah... WOW it is THAT good.


All i can say, Hakuna Matata it means no worries for the rest of your days~~~~

*note all pictures are taken off the net since i cannot take shots in the theater


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