Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tennessee Day 1 - OMG LOG CABIN

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Finally........... the ROCK has come back to.... errr oops... i meant finally its the labour day long weekend. This time round 3 Chestnutties(Adrian, Deliang and Cat) + Shamir + Estee are headed to Tenessee! What so special about Tenessee? Well its a very long state, just going from east to west would place you in a different timezone! EST to CST.

Anyway, we had to leave for the airport at 4am in the morning cos the flight was at 6am!!!! The 5 of us were super sleepy at the airport, it was fortunate we never boarded the wrong plane or something. And the plane was so SMALL!!! It only had 3 rows of seats, VERY small indeed. 1 transit and 4 hours later.... we arrived at Knoxville airport.

Outside the plane

Inside the plane

At Knoxville Airport

Then it was an hour drive to the Great Smokey Mountains.

Random Car Video... notice Cat doing her trademark

So.... we lacked sleep, travelled for over 5 hours, but it was worth it. Cos once we got there..... THE LOG CABIN WAS AMAZING!!!! I will let the pictures and that 1 video speak for itself.

The Cabin

The BRAND NEW pool table and cues

After settling into the house, there was no time to waste, we went to the nearby town of Gatlinburg, gateway to the Smokey Mountains. To give a summary of Gatlinburg, its filled with 3 things:
1) shops selling souvenirs(duh) and its either cowboy or indian
2) pancake/waffle eateries
3) ye olde photoshops (they take photos of you in cowboy clothes and make it black and white). We ended up doing the usual... taking funny pictures while exploring around town.

Yeeee Haaaaw....

Fun with signs

Now you know WHY we never let cat navigate



If only this was true... LOL

After exploring Gatlinburg, we went to a nearby supermarket and bought stuff to cook dinner. Can't let the amazing kitchen go to waste yar? So me and cat made dinner, on the menu:

1) Mayo and garlic baked fish
2) Corn
3) Potato and egg salad
4) Butter Spinach


Grp Shot

After that it was a round of pool before everyone had to hit the sack.

Next Episode: The King and I


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