Friday, September 08, 2006

Tennessee Day 2 - The King and I

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Woke up at 3am, drove 9 hours to Memphis... why...

Cos we just had to visit the KING!!! Yup, Memphis where Graceland, home of Elvis Presley is located.

Now the typical thing to do when arriving at a new place is to visit the visitor center to get maps, coupons etc... so of cos being seasoned travellers we headed to the Memphis Visitor center. It was still closed when we arrived there... now naturally we were puzzled... it was 9.30am on our watches.... center opens at 9am... why was it still closed?

The Closed Visitor Center

The Car

The Mississippi river

Moving on, we headed over to the Peabody hotel to watch the peabody ducks.... which was a real let down... 5 DUCKS in a fountain. And to think the description given made it sound like some huge flock of ducks parading around... Estee and her research ><
5 ducks.... I rather have Peking Duck

A parade display, the Memphis musical festival

It was then did we realise why everything seemed to be late.... we crossed over into central timezone! That means our watches had to be shifted 1 hour back. Anyway.... the highlight, GRACELAND! It was nice, exploring Elvis' house, paying respects at his grave, checking out all the exhibits.

Outside the house

The King and Us

Heartbreak Hotel

Elvis' Collection

The Bedroom

Elvis' fav Pink Cadillac

Me and Estee inside the Pink Cadillac

/salute to the king

There was 1 very very odd thing, it was very crowded... why... THERE WAS AMERICAN IDOL AUDITIONS! Yup, the auditions were held in Memphis, hence so many potential idols... and rejects were chilling out at Graceland... I mean how apt, americal idol hopefuls at the place of the original american idol, Elvis! We took the opportunity to take a few photos with some of the contestants. Maybe we picked a winner? hehe

Jessie, an american idol hopeful

On the way back we stopped by Nashville, Capital of Country Music to check out the night life and eat White Castle Burgers! YUM


White Castle!

Next Episode: Hiking Hiking Hiking


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