Saturday, October 14, 2006

Windy City - Chicago Day 2

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Day 2 was a very simple day, just head to all the attractions that are clumped together near lake michigan and abuse the heck out of the city pass which gives us free entry!

First stop: Fields' Museum

Normally I am not that big a fan of museums, but I must say this one is pretty cool. Its the the biggest and most complete (96%) T-Rex fossil in the world! They named it Sue, BUT that does not mean it was female, perhaps they should just called it by some ambiguious name like Kelly or Pat.


YAY my surname

There were tons of exhibits at this museum, ranging from dino fossils to how life is like under the soil to Egyptian culture to the evolution of life. (YES i believe in darwin's theory of evolution) I think my general knowledge levelled up a few times here, if only i do retain it some how.

The Evolution of Life

Egyptian Fun

Deep underground... the LOBSTERS are THIS BIG... ok its a crayfish

I still lost in the widest mouth contest

Grp Shot

Amazingly we took a very long time in there.... not what I expected from a museum visit, but this was a darn good one. Lunch was a simple affair of "Chicago" Styled hotdogs. Now this may sound like my Philly Cheese Steak Rant... and it probably does anyway... but what makes a Chicago Styled Hotdog a Chicago Styled Hotdog?

Its got the following features:
  1. The Dog itself is from the vienna hotdog factort located in Chicago... PURE BEEF
  2. You never ever... ever ever.... ever EVER put ketchup on a chicago hodog. You want your mustard, relish, onions that is fine, just NO KETCHUP.... NEVER....PERIOD. Why? well its Tradition... its like it ain't a philly cheesesteak if it ain't got no cheesewiz ya dig?

Sitting down enjoying the View after Lunch


After the fantastic museum we headed over to the Adler Planetarium.... without realising it was 40 minutes to closing time.... the JOY....

But it was cool, watch this IMAX film about the pharos and the stars and how the stars and astrology were deeply ingrained into egyptian culture and tradition. Then we rushed through a few exhibits but i do not really get much impression due to the lack of time.


One thing to note when we were in the area... Chicago is a WEDDING City.... lots of people choose to get their wedding photographs at the Museum/planetorium/aquarium area which is also the waterfront over looking the city skyline... so that is pretty cool.

I counted at least 4 weddings, the bridesmaid were in white, blue, yellow and red for the 4 weddings, i guess it is to prevent any confusion ^_^

Next its off to cheesecake factory back at hancock observatory. Estee's very good friend from RGS was meeting her there so we all decided to also meet her. I must say she is not only beautiful (Like those Bollywood actresses) but also rather successful.

Walking to meet Estee's Friend

Chicago River View


Desert consisted of 3 cheesecakes, Vannila Mocha, Tiramisu and choc chip cookie dough... I think i can replicate the Tiramisu and choc chip cookie dough ones... shall update everyone on my baking process. That reminds me I need to update my recipes on this blog! Maybe I should start another blog to document all my baking exploits and flops.....

After dinner, the night was still young, it was over to the House of Blues for live music, after all Chicago was well know for Jazz Bars and such.

Drinks at the House of Blues

Not bad for a first timer I must say

End of Day 2:
Press Pennies count: 2
Shotglass Count: 5


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