Sunday, December 17, 2006

Good Morning Baltimore!

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"Good Morning Baltimore" ~~ that was the opening song for the musical "Hairspray". This time however I really did went to Baltimore! A friend of mine since primary school, Kai Lee was studying in Baltimore so i decided to take a break from EAS 446 and visit her.

Upon stepping off the greyhound bus

While waiting for her to arrive at the meeting point (turns out she was too busy shopping :p), which is the famous Baltimore inner habour, I was able to get a few nice shots in:

Finally we were able to find each other (after 8+ missed calls)!!! Anyway we decided that a Saturday was best spent exploring inner habour and shopping. We headed to Federer Hill which was a famous fort position and also the top of the Baltimore world trade center.

Top of the Hill

Me and Kai Lee

After doing some shopping/exploring, we headed back to her place where I could crash for the night.

Housing area near JHU

So that is about it for Day 1!

Day 2, Sunday, me, Kai Lee and Sophie(a housemate) headed down to inner habour again (seems like the in place to chill). This time it was to the famous Baltimore National Aquarium. Best thing is, the entire weekend was dollar weekend, so any attraction is $1!!!

Now, I get to pay $1 to visit a world famous aquarium accompanied by 2 cute girls.... what a sunday (^_^)v

The aquarium was like 5 stories of WOWness. So many different exhibits, I especially loved the tropical rainforest exhibit. It really felt like a rain forest, hot and humid.

2 Cute Girls

The crowd on dollar day at the aquarium

Sophie trying to be "cool".... okok i am really out of good puns

Group Shot at the Rainforest exhibit

As always with any of my trips, food is a very impt focus. I was totally into lobsters when I was in Maine, now that I am in Baltimore.... its CRABS! For dinner, we went to the Rusty Scupper Restaurant, which is a nice place over looking the Baltimore habour and skyline. I just had to have the Maryland Crabcakes!

At the place

Still deciding

The view

Maryland Crab Cakes!

Grp Photo

A photo at Santa's Place to end the day


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