Sunday, May 27, 2007

Equivox @ Raffles City

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I seem to have a thing for using "@" in all my title posts. But what the heck, its good. You get to know the event or group of ppl and the location.

I digress...

Was at Raffles City today when i heard a familar beatbox sound as I walked past the performance stage. I thought it sounded like Timothy, who was my friend from NCBV, he always had a great voice and loved to do beatboxing. I turned to take a look, and lo behold... it was really Timothy.

Turns out that Timothy was part of this award winning acapella group called Equivox and they were performing.

I managed to grab a few videos of the performance, but sadly, my phone has poor sound recording quality so it would be hard to tell how good the singing is from the videos. Overall I think they did a good job performing, but perhaps its the sound system that is affecting them, cos often the lead singer's voice is so loud it over powers the rest who are doing the beat or other stuff. It is pretty hard to perform in a place where there is a crowd and the acoustics is probably not the best anyway.

Gd job Tim!


The first song I heard, not too bad but i cannot hear anything else but the lead singer.

Timothy showing his stuff, as always he is good.

Once again, apologies for the poor sound, not like i had planned in advance to record this.


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