Sunday, May 27, 2007

Yippeee Brownies are done

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Finally I got a rather decent batch of brownies after last week's accident. (This goes to show when you do not calculate the heat transfer coefficient of your oven and co-relate that to the energy required for perfect baking you will flop!)

Well all this baking is cos:
a) I enjoy it
b) I am coming up with new stuff for my online bakery
c) I just like baking.

Anyway at the request of nicole and the others of, here are the pictures.

Not exactly the best looking right now, I am working on the taste and flavour first. Btw this is RUM brownie, which my mum thinks is very british ( dunno why)

I will be looking out for beta testers for my future cakes/cookies so those who wanna be part of this beta testing crew, pls email, sms, msn, twitter me.

I am looking for ppl who love deserts, will give feedback (I am not afraid of ppl telling my it sux), and preferable can discuss it in more scientific sense with me :p

p.s: These brownies are just the start, I will be improving them and tweaking around the flavours.

p.s 2: and will be having our father's day line of products so do check us out!

p.s 3: or just leave a comment :)


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