Saturday, January 14, 2006

Day 8 - IKEA

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Quote of the day from Deliang: In the US they call in Fog (we were walking back in a foggy street), back in Singapore, we call it HAZE /lol

Met up with Melvyn last nite, he is the senior who encouraged and influence me to sign up for the NOC program. Had dinner from a Chinese food truck, finally RICE. Then together with his housemates we went to watch a free play at Upenn. Blue Beard was the name, interesting it was.

Then I had to stay overnight at his place, then met up the next day with my soon to be house-mates so that we can get the keys to our house.

Then we went furniture hunting at IKEA!

Cat and Weijia

Pacey me lawrence and deliang

Seriously their IKEA is also supersize, it is so large! But due to budget issues i could not really afford any nice stuff /cry

Ikea so big it needs 2 cam shots to get it

Us after the IKEA trip

No actual buying was done yet, we just scouted possible furniture.

Dinner, I made Creme ala Meatballs


1 bag of meatballs bought at IKEA
1 packet of instant cream sauce

Broke my veggie diet for today >.<


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