Saturday, February 18, 2006

Day 39 to 43 - Reflections of the week

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What a week, nothing really significant really happened. Yup not even on Vday, just another day at the office... err lab. But actually what is Vday all about? Is it some significant day? Its definitely significant to people who sell rose and flowers and all other cards that's for sure. In a way I miss Vday, I make money charging ppl high prices for stuff. Call it mecenary, I believe I am just doing what any capitalist would do. Charge people at the max of what they are willing to pay, no wastage of utility there.

Well, crapping aside, somehow, Vday makes it seem like we can put a value to love and friendship, I mean do we really NEED a day to pay 5 times more for gifts? Don't we show love, friendship to each other on a daily basis? Or are we such people that we need a day on the calander to do it. It seems like humans like to quantify stuff.

Guess what started the above ramblings was what a classmate said during class. I remember he was saying that "how can we put a value on life? Then again insurance companies are pretty good at doing that"

Then there I was, stoning at the 30th street station, no free newspaper, nothing to read. So my mind starting thinking.... and thinking. It was 14th Feb btw, then i thought about what that classmate said, and started wondering.... about humans, us needing to put a value on almost anything, or everything for that matter. Then since it was 14th Feb I had to think on the real significance of Vday.

Eventually the train arrived, LATE as usual. Thank you SEPTA you never fail to dissappoint me almost on a daily basis. Thanks for being 40 mins late this morning(17th) causing me to miss my usual R5 ride. I found some leftover newspaper as usual, and my brain went back to normal, brainless zombie worker mode. No more deep thinking for a while.


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