Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Day 38 - The Morning after the Storm

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After that snowstorm last night, I woke up to a beautiful sight. (damn that rhymes) The entire street, trees, cars, walkways, rooftops were blanketed in a pristine white sheet of snow. It was lovely.

Pic of street 1

Pic of street 2

Pic of home

Headed to the roof to take more pictures, this time the snow was much thicker, according to weather reports, Philadelphia had 8-14 inches of snow. Not only was it thick, the snow was soft and fluffy, so I could not stand firmly, I sank into the snow up till ankle height. Since I was wearing only slippers, my feet were on the verge of hyperthermia, so a quick photo was taken and i ran back to change in to proper gear.

Me on the roof on day time, its totally different then the night shot

Me and Pacey went around focing everyone to wake up so we can go out for some snow fun. The first task we decided to embark on upon leaving the house..... SNOWMAN! Its a good thing we have 3 engineers (Me, Deliang and Lawrence) so building a snowman with structural integrity was no problem.

Building in progress


Pic with Chesty

We decided to name him Chesty or Chestnut Ice Kachang

After building Chesty the Chestnut snowman, we headed towards UPenn for more photo taking.

Don't these 2 look so alike?

Nice shot of me by Pacey, got that kind of Drama feel to it.

Another version of my old pose(Day 2 post i believe)

Now when there is snow and there is a grp of friends there will be SNOWBALL FIGHTS.

Army training helps, must always have good cover and concealment

Adrian vs Cat 1

Adrian vs Cat 2

Adrian vs Cat 3, it may looked like I lost but actually it was a draw

Royal Rumble 1

Royal Rumble 2, notice how lawrence is smart to act as cameraman to avoid being whacked

Now the hard truth about snowball fights, while snow is nice and white and fluffy and soft, its COLD. Getting some into your ear or eyes or clothes in a snowball fight can be a handicap. Wearing glasses is bad, one unlucky shot into the face can take you out of a fight cos you cannot see a damn thing after that. I was a victim after Weijia hit me square in the face with a snowball.

We definitely had a very fun time, its just great to hang out and play with friends on a nice Sunday morning in the snow. Its just nice to be like kids and just throw snow at each other ^^

Attempt at snow angels

Grp Photo 1

Grp Photo 2

In the afternoon I headed down to Parktowne to help setup for the combined Bday celebrations, we decided to celebrate all the Jan and Feb ppl bday in 1 go. This time round i tried to bake Oreo Cheesecake. Rex helped out alot in the baking process. Anyway Happy Bday to the following ppl:
5th Jan - Rex
6th Jan - Lawrence
5th Feb - Pacey
10th Feb - Tim
14th Feb - Cat (so nice right? Vday and Bday on the same day)


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