Monday, March 20, 2006

Day 60 - Florida Day 5 - Clothings are Optional

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In the morning, it was a trip up North to a Safari like place, got to see tons of animals and stuff, but screw that, the Highlight was the trip to haulover beach.

Upon entry to Haulover beach, we are greated by a very interesting sign:

Just follow the Sign

Nice Sign

Now after walking up and down the entire stretch of Haulover, what we(it was a grp trip, not just guys) noticed was that the population on the beach are mainly Middle age men. There were some younger and much much fitter looking ones and 2 women. Not exactly what people are hoping for(let's not go there shall we?)

Krispy Kreme Shop/Factory

Ahhhhh a dozen yummy Krispy Kreme doughnuts

BTW No pictures were taken, so do not MSN/Email me about this. Really not Kidding

Note: I know I know I still have not loaded all my Miami photos... I am slow...
BTW There is another florida post below, about the Day At Miami Beach


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