Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Day 61 - Florida day 6 - Celebration of Sunset

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Travelled further down south to the southern most region, Key West. Basically the south of Florida are a bunch of islands called Keys, with Key West as the southern most one.

Along the way, we took a pit stop to go snorkelling around the reefs(a nature reserve) are Key Largo. It is a nice experience, the reefs are nice and the fishes do not run away when you approach, they just go about on the own business, which is probably to float/swim around in the water. Its a pity I did not see Nemo(clown fish), but there were many other fishes around. The jellyfished in the water were numerous but pretty harmless, considering how many i ran into. Initially I thought the Jelly fishes were used condoms, and wanted to swat them out of my way. Fortunately, no jellyfishes were hurt as I was able to realise that they are products of nature and not some tryst at high seas. But really, I cannot be blamed for making that mistake, I could not wear my glasses in the water due to the snorkel mask and I have rather bad eyesight(600degrees). With lunch approaching, seeing some fishes really made me hungry, like the Grouper, the first thing to my mind was steamed Grouper served at seafood restaurants. What made matters worst was when a stingray was spotted. OMG BBQ Stingray!!!


Us on the boat

Snorkelling was fun, the weather was nice, water was just right, there was a nice breeze. Although the other 9 ppl beg to differ saying how cold it was. But really it was a nice warm experience, at least for me.

Beach at Keywest

The Southern Most point!(well you probably could read the words anyway)

The highlight of Key West was the Sunset Celebration held at Mallory Square. And why should there be such a celebration? So that people can make tourist dollars of cos! Economics at its finest! The streets had baskers and vendors all vying for attention and more importantly, money.

Me and Peiling trying Counch Fritters, its made of shellfish,scallops etc and batter

A basker at the sunset celebration


The sunset, now THAT was a beautiful sight to behold. Words cannot do it justice. No wonder they have a celebration everyday, to enjoy this wonderful sunset. Or probably cos it makes good economic sense to capatilise on the tourists who come to see this sunset.

To end this amazing day, we tried the famous Key Lime Pie... very very nice, although I was not really a fan of sour stuff. YUM

Remember THAT Carlsberg Ad?

Me and Deliang trying the Key Lime Pie, Steph was urging us to "put on that orgasmic face!!!" =.=


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