Thursday, May 18, 2006

Day 135 - oh oh oh soooo lucky

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Was walking to work from the train station when suddenly i noticed dark clouds surrouding me...

As i kept walking on, I heard a slight rumble... a warning of things to come.

Crossing the carpark to reach the lab, i felt wetness hit my skin... I knew it was time to make a run for it. So I just dashed as fast as I could into the lab. Just as the door closed, the skies opened up. The timing was so perfect... the rain and the closing of the door were so in sync.

LUCKY... that's all i can say.


Ok so I was bored and surfing around, taking a nice break from the last expt. Nothing much in cyberspace land, so I updated this blog with RSS feed. Yes you can now suscribe to my blog, recieve updates on ramblings, rantings, dumb photos, stuff I find on youtube and cake recipes! ok ok... I was bored, can't blame me right?



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