Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Day 145 - Niagara Falls - The Beauty of the Falls

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Alright, finally got some time to start blogging! I must apologise as I was busy with work and school stuff. This Niagara Trip will be Titled: Beauty, Power, Spice

Part 1: Beauty

The Niagara Falls is definitely a beautiful sight to behold, the rushing water, the lush green trees... its lovely.

We arrived pretty early so we just drove around randomly visiting viewing sites. We started quite down river. Very lovely view, it really gives a feeling of grandness.

Lovely yar?

First place we went to was the 3 sisters island, if you notice the map in the previous post it is in the bottom right corner. The 3 islands were named after 3 sisters (life DUH) and is located on the upper niagara river. The rushing rapids there are very nice to see, i think its best to just let pictures and videos do the talking yar?

The origins

Grp Shot

Videos taken at the 3 sister's isle

View of the fast flow

Next stop was the American Falls, this was the main waterfall on the US side, once again, I believe a picture paints a thousand words.

Trying to taste the water? Little did we know we will get more of this later

The American Falls

That is the Maiden of the Mist in the background

More videos taken at the Falls

We also went close to the canadian side which Terrapin point is at. The canadian falls is also known as Horseshoe Falls due to its shape. It handles about 90% of the water for the entire Niagara falls.

Me Introducing Horseshoe Falls

Horseshoe Falls @ Terrapin point

Rainbow caused by the Mist from the Falls

We also did some other stuff like take the maiden of the mist, cave of the winds etc etc... but those will come in later posts :)

For now Just enjoy the night scene at niagara :)

This is Canada

Ok part 1 is over! Onwards to Part 2(soon :p, I am baking a cheese cake right now )


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