Friday, May 19, 2006

Day 136 - Scientist do know how to have fun too!

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So I was in the lab doing my usual lab work and stuff, when a nice large package came in. It was the replacement glassware that I broke a few days ago in the most amazing chain accident ever. Drop the beaker which knocks into the funnel which........(you get the idea)

I opened up the box, and say a nice phamplet telling me about a Photo contest... wait.. a PHOTO contest in a box of beakers? That sounded pretty weird. So I decided to take a look at the website:

What I found were cool and funny pics taken using lab equipment. Surely scientist with such great minds were not as bored as to actually make up some of these photos. I mean they should have been busy finding the next cure for cancer, the next big medicine, a viable alternative fuel! But we all do need a break in life, so I guess it is a fun thing to do!

Seriously, I will let the captions do the talking.

Maybe I will consider entering the next round of competition, I mean its just thinking of something funny, silly, probably lame using regular lab stuff!


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