Thursday, June 01, 2006

Day 145 - Niagara Falls - The Power of the Falls

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Part 2: Power

The Niagara falls sure is nice and beautiful right? Well that is UNTIL you get up close and personal with the falls itself. Suddenly you will be wondering "Why am I wearing this stupid looking, thin and flimsy poncho that they provided, knowing that it does not provide much protection against the fury and force of the Niagara falls"

Encounter 1: Maid of the Mist

The Maid of the mist is a famous boat ride which will bring people up close and personal, right into the heart of the horseshoe falls. To show you, let me use my rather pathetic ASCII art skillz.

----- oooooo---------
----oo~~~ oo -------

- land
0 waterfall
xx maid of the mist

So we got up close, we got wet :) Simple yar?

Before boarding, joining us were 2 of lawrence's friends, ying ying and pearlene (did i get the spelling right? Law, if you do see this correct me k)

Guess who this is! (ans will be at the bottom of this post!)

Me looking rather wet now

At the gift shop, i decided to Captain the wheel

The Maid of the Mist was merely a warm up for what was to come next.

Cave of the Winds - Quest for the Uber Water:

This is where you truely get up close and personal with the Falls. Oh by the way I was on a mission. A VERY VERY important mission. I was to collect 2 bottles of Niagara water from the falls directly.


Cat and Jia

Little erm yellow riding hood?

Grp shot prior to the climb

As I ascended towards the rushing water, i was constantly bombarded as if the falls was telling me to stay away. But NO I shall reach the top and get my water!!!!

The falls we shall ascend, Bridal Veil Falls

Collecting some water midway

Collecting water close to the top, 1 more climb to.................

I got closer and closer to the final level, the Hurrican Deck. How Apt the name. I could really feel the water just rushing at me. Well no photos could be taken at the hurricane deck unless you truelly hated your camera. Raising my bottle up high, i calmly walked up to the falls. With my face and body being battered by a deluge of water, I let out a mighty warcry, " I Shall have your(refering to the Niagara Falls) water!!!" And I stood there, getting completely soaked until the bottle was quite full. All this was to the amusement of the people on the deck. I did finally succeed in my mission! WOooooo

View from the top, notice the people in their yellow ponchos?

Victory!!!! at the expense of my clothes

Quest was a success! 2 bottles obtained!

p.s Part 3 will be out soon, cake is done baking, decoration is completed, now its time for bed!
and the Ans to the qn: Deliang is the guy in wrapped in the blue poncho, no prizes though


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