Saturday, October 14, 2006

Windy City - Chicago Day 3

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ARGHH last day in chicagooooo

So we rushed off to United Center, Home of the CHICAGO BULLS! While the bulls currently suck, we were there to see Micheal Jordan, His royal Airness, statue. The place was pretty deserted except for us, and a few other tourists who were obviously there for the same reason.

Next it was off to solider field... home of the NFL team the Chicago bears. Now the bears are off to a GREAT season, one of the league's best defense. Along the way to the stadium we ran into this artist who was doing some photoshoot, all you had to do to take part was to bite an apple and let him take a picture of the teeth mark. After that the apple is FREE! WOOT free apple! GIMME!

Soldier Field


Ok so we arrived at Soldier Field, took some shots, was tempted to shout Philly Eagles Rock, but decided to be more cautious.

Next stop: Shedd Aquarium

This was a famous place, at least that was what everyone told us, including my boss who is like this big fan of aquariums and museums. There were several exhibits, ranging from coral reefs to mangroves to lakes etc... was pretty cool to see all kinds of weird fish as well! The only dissappointment was the dolphine show which was kindda MEH..... but overall the place was still quite good.

Staring down a Pirahna

Those seals are soooo sad


While at the aquarium I was trying to do pressed pennies as usual ( that means a regular 1cent coin gets SQUISHED and has the attraction's logo pressed on it) when Estee asked me if the penny i was using was shiny (Shiny penny = GOOD and NICE pressed Penny)

Estee: You sure that penny is shiny?
Adrian: yes....... I wash my pennies ok...
Estee: ...... (goes to a corner and breaks down laughing)
Adrian: (wonders why estee suddenly started laughing.... then goes back to pressing his penny)

Heading back, we almost missed our flight but due to a DELAY (OMG THANK YOU ORBITZ FOR TELLING ME) we were able to make the flight ablit the rush and all... and to my travel companions, My apologise for this oversight in timing, you guys/gals were definitely very understanding.

Overall Haul:

3 Pressed Pennies
6 Shotglasses


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