Sunday, January 15, 2006

Day 9 - Let it snow... Let it snow

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yea... it finally snowed, its so white.... so damn cold

As shown it the pictures.... it was pretty much a blizzard, the winds were stong enough to divert me of my intended path when i walked. Pretty much regretted only wearing 2 layers of clothes, maybe my natural body fats have decreased (which is good) that is why i need more layers.

The snow storm( I think) occured during our shopping trip to IKEA (2nd time). This time we really shopped to our hearts content, tables la, chairs la, there were so many stuff, their IKEA was so BIG, OMGBBQzzzz.

Pacey and Deliang

Me, Cat, Pacey, Deliang, Lawrence

With so much furniture how are we suppose to move them? Of cos I could not carry all that load, although i been hitting the gym. We rented a nice U-Haul Truck, like those moving vans. I had to sit in the back, which was totally pitch black when the doors were closed.

2 Illegal Immigrants in the U-haul truck

Anyway props to Deliang from driving the U-haul truck so steadily even though me and pacey were tossed around inside occasionally.

Gonna move house tmr!


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