Thursday, February 09, 2006

Day 32 to 34 - Cooking vs Science

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Day 33 - Today a comment from my boss " What makes a good scientist is that people 100years down the road can read your notes and reproduce your results" Basically it is about good recording skills, so that you are able to track what you did over a long period of time. Thist pretty much got me thinking again how science and cooking are so similar. After all when you cook, if you are able to record the process and ingrediants down so accurately that people of reasonable skill can reproduce it, that is good. Although how good the food is, that is subjective. (In my case at least it is edible)

In a way, sometimes I see cooking as 1 big science experiement, adding new chemicals(oyster sauce, soy sauce....) new solid compounds(meat, veg) and maybe some solvents(soups). Maybe I am thinking too hard while standing in the cold at the Colmar train station after SEPTA (the equivalent of SMRT) BLOODY SCREWED UP AGAIN!

Yup for 2 days in a row, SEPTA had some problems with the train signal network I think. I was waiting at the station when they made the announcement "Trains going to and from centre city will be delayed for 15-20 mins" This just meant that EVERY SINGLE train was delayed. Then again it was SEPTA, what's new? In the end I just kept changing trains but good thing is that i still reached home. It has been getting pretty cold these days, maybe it would even snow.

I resorted to picking up newspaper on the train floor and seats to read. It sucks to be on a 1.2hr ride(no delays factored in yet) and you finished reading your the daily free Metro paper + Sudoku puzzle AND you still have 40+ mins left on the ride. Good thing people leave things like financial times or wall street journals lying around for poor guys like me to read. Maybe I might get lucky and find a magazine on the floor one day. One can only hope.

Day 34 - Anyway I saw a pretty funny ad in the papers today(a paper i found on the floor as usual). It was about some party for the single and desperate that was to be held on V-day, or so it claims. Of cos to attend you had to meet some critera, I mean happily attached/married couples should not be attending this right? But what made me laugh was the critera people had to meet:

1) Did your last sexual encounter start with " www. " and end with ".com" ?
2) The last time someone saw you naked, did they also say "turn your head and cough"
3) Was the only man that went to your apartment on Vday wearing a Dominos Jacket(Pizza delivery)?

I guess the first qn was the funniest. A real ROFLMAO. A pity that I did not have my camera to grab a pic. Sounds like a rather fun party, there would be tons of drinks and more drinks... and drinks again.

Anyway life goes on, walking in the cold sometimes does clear your head, and nose for that matter.


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