Sunday, February 12, 2006

Day 35 to 37 - First normal weekend... NOT

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Day 37(Sat)

No travelling around this weekend, just a nice happy weekend back at Chestnut. We finally got around to spring cleaning, the house really never felt so clean!

Dining Area


Next we decided to go visit Old City, that is a tourist spot. We visited quite a few places, like the house of Ben Franklin (guy who invented the lightning rod and founded UPenn), Liberty Bell which is like USA's symbol of independence. The security around that Bell is AMAZING, they insisted that i take off ALL metal parts, that includes my belt etc etc.... and the stupid detector still went off.... why? Cos my ZIPPER of my jeans is METAL! At least I did not have to strip or something. Cannot blame them, the Bell is a national artifact, basically it was used for summon the State Assembly or something like that. It had seen many things, including the declaration of independence, the fight against slavery, JFK's cold war era and much more. We also visited the room where the Declaration of Independence was first drafted and agreed upon, cool huh. I never knew that Penn was so important.

We had to walk thru THE tunnel

They signed the declaration here

Me and the Dalai Lama and the Bell

Grp Photo at the bell, notice the nice long crack?

Chestnut Boys minus Pacey

Group Photo

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Me and Lawrence wanted to go to the famous steps that Rocky ran up in his first movie. Yes, the orginal Rocky was filmed right here in Philly! Unfortunately it was not at Old City, it is nearer 22nd. But we found out that they are filming Rocky VI right here in Philly, up until maybe march! OMG must go find them! *Plays the classic Eye of the Tiger

Its a pity Pacey could not join us due to his work, he had a project to be done and he and his grp mate worked until 11pm!!!

Anyway it started snowing heavily again! Yay. Me and Weijia decided to head to Penn to take night photos of the place, the rest did not wanna go out into the cold, and it was seriously cold. So it was just 2 of us braving the snow storm to get VERY NICE pics. We managed to make a mini snow man, and I experimented with a snow angel. It was pretty happening around Penn, ppl were having snowball fights and just having fun. I just kept throwing snowballs at Weijia ^^ who was trying to be peaceful, in the end she also retaliated.

The 2 who decided to brave the FREAKING cold

Sitting down enjoying life

Familar? Its the same as the LOVE at the Fish and co. Glass house

Night scene at UPenn


And another

Poor statue in the cold




Weijia presenting the bush in front of the Chestnut house

Guess which footstep is whose

Another random shot

A snow angel, judging from the size, it probably was me who created it

Update@2am: Decided to check the level of snow... very thick. From our 3rd floor place, we got access the the roof of the second floor via our kitchen. Not really a roof but a nice big ledge. So I took a photo (cameraman is Deliang) out in the cold on our roof!

Trust me, its cold


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