Friday, March 24, 2006

Day 66 - Green + Beer = St. Pat's Day

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Well the spirit of St Pat's Day is certainly around, roads near my place were blocked while busloads of people in GREEN come to drink beer. Guess what time it was, 9 am in the morning! WOW, who actually drinks beer, gets pretty drunk at 9am!

At work during lunch I also got to try Corned Beef with Cabbage (+1 potato), according to my Boss' wife, its a traditional Irish St. Pat day dish. Too bad I did not have a camera if not I would have a nice photo to post!

Anyway on Sunday we went to watch the St Pat Day parade in Center City, there was a downpour early in the morning, but that definitely did not dampen the mood. The Irish were still parading, dancing and yes, Drinking Beer!

Green Green Green

Irish Dance

Guess what character we posed with


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