Thursday, March 30, 2006

Day 72 to 73 - A Baking Mentor

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What an interesting weekend it was (18-19th March). I joined up with Gean, Kaihong, Estee, Kelly and Julia and we drove down to Angela's Place. Angela is a member of Monte Jade, so that was how Gean(NCBV director) got to know her. She is a Singaporean living here in the US with her 2 kids, Grace and JJ. They are really amazing kids. They both do karate, can play instruments and JJ can do poetry (he writes them himself). And still they do things normal kids do, like read, play video games, sibling fights. WOW... and my childhood was void deck soccer and computer games.

Anyway Angela is really a superwomen, she looks after her kids, works at a really impressive job and is AN AMAZING COOK to boot! Her baking skills are amazing, in WOW terms it is lvl 300 artisan cooking with [+15 on gloves of the power cook] <---Epic stuff ! Anyway I took the opportunity to bake 2 things:
1) Chocolate Bread Pudding
2) Angel Cake

Her house is a baker's DREAM, all kinds of equipment, all kinds of ingrediants, even rare extracts and powders!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!

Both turned out pretty ok, just that my angel cake was not as fluffy as intended. Lesson learnt: baking is about being gentle as well, not just taking a whisk and whacking the batter to get a good workout. Sometimes one must be very careful.

Kaihong, Angela, Estee and Gean


Dinner (round 1)

Choc Bread Pudding! yum

My Angel.... errrr rock cake


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