Saturday, April 08, 2006

Day 87 to 89 - The belated, backdated Boston Trip

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Boston Gang of Shamir, Cat, Me, Weijia, Wayne, Deliang

Ok, I finally got the photo DVD (thanks Wayne for compiling). So here is my quickie summary of the 3 day boston trip:

Day 1: The drive + Cape Cod + Rhode Isle Newport

Not much, nice sea view, nice houses, nice nice nice nice nice
Highlight: Eating LOBSTER at Province Town Cape Cod. It was super good, lobster + butter oil = OMGood, seriously its very nice and fresh. To eat lobster they actually make me wear a bib, well it looked rather dumb, but I am glad I had it. To enjoy lobster one must have the juices and sauce splashing all over, and spurting over as you crack the shell, that is the TRUE way to enjoy it. YUM


Grp Photo

View enroute

A very famous rock, apparantly the pilgrims first stepped on it when they arrived

Just Chilling at Cape Cod

Topping of the trip was a BEAUTIFUL rainbow:

After all that we visited 2 of the most famous educational institutions in the area at Cambridge, MA. First we went to MIT, took some photos, went it to use the toilets and drank water from the cooler, literally drinking MIT juice, our IQs could be felt rising. I should bottle these and sell for an amazing profit.

Stupid final destination stunt on a train track



Day 2: Salem
The Witch Hunt Central of America, famous for the Salem witch hunts in which 14 women, 5 men and 2 dogs were hanged, and 1 man crushed to death with stones. We visited various mesuems related on the witch hunt. In the end we had the history repeated over and over and over until we can recite it.

Never lean on a tombstone, you never know what will pop up behind


Witches and Wizards

Omnimous looking tower

Execution in progress

The witch house was close

Highlight: Ghost Hunting
We went on this Ghost hunt by a certified Paranormal investigator. Her assistant brought us all over famous sites like the old jail, broad street Grave yard etc etc. Learnt about the 3 classes of ghosts:
1) Orbs and globes
2) Ectoplasm basically just shapeless figures
3) Apparitions, basically got shape, something you probably wanna not see.

We were encouraged to take lots of photos to see if we could capture any Ghosts. Well I had 1 good shot, it is up to you to decide ^^

Our host for the night

Walking down Jack the Ripper Alley

See our buddy? I even circled him

Ok I was Kidding about the last photo, this is the so called photo with a ghost, notice the orb near the head, that is a kind of class of ghost apparantly.... or it could be a flare

Day 3: Boston
Not much to Boston honestly, its a nice place to live in, but visiting all the historical sites along the freedom trail is rather boring.....

Boston Commons

Boston Commons

Well I started collecting Shotglasses, my collection is now 2!!!! yes 2 !!! Photos when I get more, way to embaressing to show off only 2


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