Friday, April 14, 2006

Day 95 - Wet Washington

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Ignoring the dire warnings of rain, a grp of us, Chestnuts + Alicia + Kai An + Shamir headed down to Washington DC to enjoy the cherry blossom parade. Unfortunately the skies opened up and well...... water + clothes = wet clothes. So it was a nice wet and cold parade. But the parade was rather nice, lots of pink and stuff, since it was Cherry blossoms. Pacey decided to become pro and brought out his uber Digital SLR camera and tripod attachment. But since it was raining, the camera was in DIRE peril, so Shamir took the job of assistant and carried an umbrella for the camera. I carried the tripod as Pacey was rather encumbered. Kindda reminds me of army, the GPMG gunner (pacey), GPMG assistant with the tripod (me) and the GPMG commander (shamir).

The rain just started to get heavier

Eventually the rain got a bit too heavy and we had to take shelther in the car :(

After the rain subside we went around exploring DC, unfortunately the Full Bloom period was last week so we did not get to see a sea of pink ><

What we were suppose to see

What we saw ><

Oh well at least we got a few nice shots here and there. And we visited several monuements like the Lincon memorial, Washington monuement and the White house. Also we took a trip the to Holocaust musuem. They had several exhibits relating to WWII holocaust and several other instance of genocide going on around the world. To me it was definitely a time for self reflection, wondering why must such problems exists. After all aren't all humans the same? Ok this is probably cliche but if you cut as do we not bleed? If you hit us do we not feel pain?
Ultimately I have no idea why we actually classify people by race like Chinese, Indians etc etc... There are more differences between people within the same "category" then with ppl of different "category". In fact there is only 1 race, the human race. But I guess it will have to take an alien invasion or something for us to recognize that.

White House

The Holocaust Museum

Abe Lincoln

Washington Moneument


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