Friday, July 28, 2006

Day 202 - Six Flags Great Adventure

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A large group of us headed down to Jacksonville, NJ. Destination: Six Flags Great Adventure Theme Park. In all, it was a good mix of juniors, seniors and also Grace and JJ (Angela's children).

6 flags in the distance

Grace and Estee (JJ is the one wearing a backpack)

Six Flags boasted several very popular rides, Nitro, Kinda-ka, Superman and the newly released El Toro. Better details of the rides can be found on the website.

Outside the Medusa ride

I would say the Superman ride was definitely fun and unique, they actually have you seated horizontally. This simulated the idea of superman flying through the sky, it was definitely a rush.

Nitro was also amazing, lots of high drops, countless camel backs, a nice spin cycle.

However, due to technical reasons, we were unable to ride on both El-toro and Kingda-ka... which was kindda sad. I had really wanted to try El-Toro, it was an old school wooden roller coaster.

Going Down El-Toro

It was definitely a fun day, I definitely would go back to six flags, just to try those 2 rides that I missed.

El-Toro and Kingda-ka (background)


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