Monday, January 16, 2006

Day 10 - A new home, 2 new additions

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Yup finally moved into my new house. This post is coming form 4007 Chestnut street and not Sterling apartments. Was a crazy and tiring day had to run all over the place. Had to go IKEA again to pick up the mattresses cos they did not have them yesterday. Then had to carry every thing up 3 stories to our new place, no cargo lift, nothing. Just pure manly muscles working.

You can go ahead and figure out which room is whose

My apologies about the messy looking place, still got unpacking and cleaning to do. But cannot do much, have 1 essay to be done. Arrrrrr

Oh yar we got 2 more arrivals from the NOC family, Kai Ann and Timothy, they arrived via different flights. Kai Ann arrived via SQ so he landed at NY, Alicia(his gf) went to get him. As for Tim, he took the usual North West flight we all took, so he landed in Philly airport. I decided to meet him and bring him to brand new place.

Timothy on the train ride to our place

Tomorrow will be my first official day at work. So exciting!


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