Monday, February 06, 2006

Day 30 to 31 - New York, New York

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As usual, the travel bug bit us ( and makes us even poorer). The Chestnut Gang decided to visit the Big Apple for the first time. We headed to Chinatown early on a Saturday morning and took the Chinatown bus to New York.

Going to New York was so exciting, I mean there were so many things to see and do there! I had spoken to my Boss and his wife before about New York( Since they grew up there). What they told me made me more excited about my trip.

Well the excitment kindda went down when we say the errrmm hotel Deliang had booked. The room was about the size of my mattress back in Chestnut ><
The room I got, it was double room I was sharing with Pacey, this was my half

Anyway that did not dampen our spirits, but the rain did.

From our hotel, we headed upwards (north). Our first destination in Manhattan, was the Musuem of eeerrrrrmmm..... Sex

Quite interesting exhibits I must say, the first one was "men without suits", so I spent about 30 mins looking at naked male bodies. The second exhibit was the History of Porn. Well if you want photos of the museum, pls msn me privately.

That wasted a good 2hrs, then we headed further north, towards TIMES SQUARE!!! The place is so exciting, so many shops so many things to see! It was super bustling!

Went shopping around, the shops here are super big, like the main store of the brand or something. Went to AX, Abercrombie and Fitch, the NBA shop etc etc. Also visiting places like the empire state building, but since it cost money to go up we did not stay there long. We also took a look at Rockefeller Centre, which had an ice skating rink. As fans of the Apprentice, we just had to visit Trump Towers, the site of the show.

Guess a picture/s will paint a 1000 words:

Random Shot 1

Random Shot 2

Random Shot 3

Me in Times Sq

Inside Empire State

Us at Toys R us, it was like 4-5 stories of toys

The NBA shop

This is where the New Year Ball Drop Occurs

Outside the Broadway Mac

Catherine was not feeling very well, she had been having a sorethroat since friday. So after dragging poor Cat for over 50+ streets ( being the evil bunch of Guys we were ^^), we headed down to a friend's place. It was pretty fortunate that I knew someone who was living in New York. Wy-lene, who happens to be Wy-en's(been buddies since sec 3 in TCHS) little sis was studying at NYU. She pretty much stuffed us full of junk food that she had around at her place. In the end we decided that it was best to let Cat rest at Wy-lene's place for the night, considering how our Hotel(as if you would call it that) was like. And knowing how blur Cat is, I stayed over too so that at least one person knows how to link up with the rest of the guys. Pretty lucky I guess considering what Pacey told me about the errrm hotel. Heater went down, people yelling at each other, lights going on and off. Hurry for a nice apt!

Thanks Wy-lene for extending us such wonderful hospitality, and her roommate Clarrisa(I hope I got her name right) for the free sukiyaki :p

Sunday was a slow pace day, headed down to Union Sq to see some farmer's mkt, but we got the day wrong, according to a local I asked it was Sat, not Sun.

Soho, a chic and happening place

Cat trying on a $100 cap
So the gang headed down to Ground Zero next. It was the site of 9/11, right now they are rebuilding the place and in place will be the Freedom towers I believe. Its good to move on from such a disaster.

This is the site of 9/11

Next up was Wall Street, since it was Sunday, the place was quite quiet so it was good for taking photos!

Deliang Riding the Bull

We then took the Staten Island Ferry so that we can take pictures of the Statue of Liberty. By right there is an official ferry TOthe Statue, but you have to pay. So being dirt poor, we decided to just take a free ferry service that went PASTthe Statue. At least we got photos!

We decided to call it a day after that, having work and all on monday.

My shopping wearz

Oh yar the 5th today is Pacey's Bday, so Happy Bday man!

It states Happy Bday on that piece of paper, just that the camera could not get it

Things left to do in NY:
1) Broadway show
2) Maybe WWE at madison sq garden (wrestlemania?)
3) More shopping
4) This desert place called Serendipity which was HIGHLY recommanded by Wy-lene.
5) Check out the Museums too


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