Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Day 18 to 19 - Body aches

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Yup whole body aches bad. Even after so long. Guess skiing took a huge toll on my leg muscles. Back to life as usual. Nothing too unusual these days, just trying to get ppl and tickets to watch the 76ers in action.

Well at work my boss got me to open a package of chemical that just came in. I happily went to open the box, then I notice a BIG SKULL on it. And then the label WARNING. /sweatdrop

Ok, I had to get the proper safety gear to open it, so troublesome, but cannot be helped right? Lab safety is first and foremost. ^^

And finally we got our first pack of rice, Weijia and I headed down to Chinatown to do some shopping. We ended up getting a lot of CNY goodies, sauces( finally got oyster sauce, OMG) and most impt is RICE. Total amount of goods bought was rather scary for 2 people to carry, and the poor guy (ME) had to carry almost everything. Weijia did help carry the rice so it was not that bad, 9 kg off my overall load. Good thing the rice was vacum sealed so it was quite easy to carry. Weijia mentioned it was like a textbook. Then again I never heard of a 9 kg textbook. >.<

Good news, I finally got stable internet connection, ie: cable modem + router + LAN cable. Good news for the Guys at Creed, I will be returning to WOW soon. And I can check my email as and when I like. I really need internet to survive, and a handphone too, its amazing I made 2 weeks handphoneless.


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