Thursday, February 02, 2006

Day 25 to 27 - Why do I bother to count the days?

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Day 25 - Back to work

ya work, you think I come Philly everyday eat cheesesteak (I am refering to Maglev ak a Terrence here, dun worry I might Fedex some for joo)

Day 26 - Boom

Got an email from my boss to call him, so I did after class, apparantly my experiment(which had to be left overnite) went boom. Ok so it did not really explode, but a pipe came loose on the condenser so it flooded the fume cabinet. Ack, first time I had such a major accident.

Ok it was major until my boss told me stories of actual explosions...... so yea, glad mine was just a water flood.

This was what I cooked for dinner today, it was an attempt at teriyaki chicken and wanton soup. At least I did not burn the chicken or anything, so it was alright.

Day 27 - CNY comes a little late, but better then never

Went down to the postoffice, the nice big one opposite the 30th street station. Had to pick up a parcel from them.

Turns out ( actually I already knew) that it was from my parents. With hands trembling in excitment (and partially hunger) I opened the box. First thing I saw... BA KUA
I was so damn happy, finally something nice and Singaporean. Not to mention there were tons of other new year goodies, like pineapple tart (which were NOT moldy like the ones Cat bought over), my fav peanut cookie(dunno the actual name). Thanks Ma and Pa!!!

Weijia told me she helped collected another envelope addressed to me. I was told it contained Bak Kut Teh (Spare ribs Tea). So I thought it was some mistake, I mean it was probably Ba Kua right? Everyone loves Ba Kua

Ok so I was wrong, it was indeed Bak Kut Teh. A packet for making the soup. Many thanks to both Sitong and Henry for sending it over, although the box was crushed but the stuff made it to me alive and ready to be consumed over the course of some future dinner.

The CNY cards I recieved from my parents and henry + Sitong.


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