Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Day 12 - Happy Bday Wei-ern

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Yup its Wei-ern's bday today so we headed down to his temp lodging at parktowne at 9pm to celebrate it. Unfortunately we got lost at the 15th station on the way there. Their subway to trolley transit is worse the changing to the NEL in Singapore. Unfortunately i forgot my camera so no photos. Unfortunately, I also have to get up at 5.30am so I could stay at his place for like > 1 hr.

Nothing much of interest today other then the fact I crashed some exchange student program called talk and taste. Reason: Free Food. Was egyptian food today, quite interesting. Thanks to Weijia for informing me about such good events. I hear they have it once a month, I am so gonna be a regular at this event. Got the meet the final SEP student from NUS there, she was pretty much MIA while the other 2 had met up with the NOC group.

A scene at the event

The food

Me with some of the exchange students. Karen, Yuqing, Steph, Me and Weijia. Both Steph and Weijia are NUS SEP students to UPenn.


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