Sunday, January 29, 2006

Day 23 - Russel Peters! and Happy CNY

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Went down to Atlantic City, New Jersey today. Atlantic City is kind of like a casino city, there was the Taj Mahal, Ceasar, Trump plaza and many others too. It may not be Las Vegas ( which I would like to visit) but still it is a casino city. Unfortunately I forgot to insert my SD card for my camera so it became a dud. Photos today were courtesy of both Weijia and Pacey.

Random Shot 1

Random Shot 2

Random Shot 3

Trump Plaza, 4 "Apprentice" Facing Off

Weijia, Pacey,Deliang and Me outside Caesers' Palace

Broadwalk its along the seaside, most casinos are along this stretch

A Korean War Memorial

Ripley's Believe it or not

This place is rather interesting, the waiters will dance

A pretty interesting thing happened while we were at Caesers, me and deliang we doing a pretty crappy pose with a chariot when this lady(quite pretty) came up to us and asked me to take a photo with her. I have no idea why. Worse part, I did not ask her for her name. Well she did wish me a Happy CNY.

Me and Deliang

Me and the Lady

Why did we go Atlantic City? We had tickets to watch Russel Peters at the Borgata. For those who have no idea who Russel Peters is, he is this stand up comedian whose jokes are based around race and culture and accents. Some may call him racist in a way, but how can you be racist against all races? Go google him out, he has tons of his vids on google video.

The trip to the Borgata from Broadwalk(where we were at initially) turned out to be a pretty scary walk. We walked through a wrong neighbourhood. There were people shouting at us to get out of their place, and I had a stone hit me on my leg, good thing I wore baggy jeans so there was little to no impact. It felt kindda dangerous, so the guys gathered around the girls and we just got the heck out of that street.


Russel Peters show was seriously funny, that guy is good despite the fact that sometimes the language is rather crude, explicit, but then again, its just comedy ^^. Best part about the show? SINGAPORE got mentioned! Just happened that Melvyn was in the front row and Russel asked him where he was from. After Mel said Singapore, the entire NOC grp cheered very very loudly. We were seated in 4 goups in different parts of the theater so there was kindda of a surround sound effect. Russel went "Did you just bring HALF the country with you?!?!?!" /ROFLMAO

Damn funny, definitely worth the trip. Although I cannot get over the fact that we cannot get our $15 bus rebate cos we did not get off at the correct stop.



At 9:41 PM, Blogger Yeeling said...

looking at ur photoblogs sure make me yearn for NOC! Happy Chinese New Year!


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