Thursday, January 26, 2006

Day 20 to 22- Ahhh the nice mundane Life

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Day 20 - /whine
I really need to get a desktop, not JUST a desktop, but one with at least 1 gb ram, a nice processor and a damn good vid card. If not I cannot play WOW /cry, which is bad. I miss raiding with the guys in creed, I miss pwning ppl in AV and I still got 500+ rep items not turned in. I want a desktop!

My Turn to cook ^^

Day 21 - Chemical engineering

Was just wandering around the corridor of the UPenn engin building while wating for my class to start. I started looking at their old graduation photos that were hung along the corridor. I suddenly noticed the words below the frame. " Class of XXXX, Chemical engineering" I did a quick head count on a few photos and found out that they size of the Chem eng cohort is............................................................... 30 + on ave. That is just about the size of my NUS class!!! But then again I am not surprise, it seems like the main engineering building(Towne Building) in UPenn, is smaller then NUS' engin fac which is big, maze-like. I wonder why there is such a drastic difference, I shall definitely have to find out one day. Well I hope my classmates in CN3B are enjoying life back in NUS ^^

Anyway today is me and Catherine's turn to cook. Nothing much to say here, just that she is definitely good, I was more or less just the person who did the chopping and cutting. I can learn lots from her, guess my skills will level up in this 1 year. Maybe I will ding 300 in cooking, artisan level ftw(only WOWers will understand this statement, so do not wreck your brains, like most of you actually care).

Day 22 - My first Overseas Angpao

Actually it is my first pay cheque! all USD 565.36 of it. Damn taxes took away $98. Finally I can see income flowing into my bank account, no longer is there outflow, there influx /woot

My paycheck!

A shot of my chair ^^ my own personal $80 chair

Going Atlantic City Tmr!


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