Friday, January 20, 2006

Day 14 - Happy Bday Gean

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Celebrated the Bday of Gean, our NCBV co-ordinator. Everyone headed to this pretty nice Italian restaurant called Olive garden. There was an attempt to fool her into thinking that we were celebrating the Bday of another Snr, Kelly. Not sure if she was fooled or not but well the food was great, everyone had a good time. We did the usual thing at the end of the event, ta bao. Too much food as usual, it was crazy.

That's Gean, our dear NCBV co-ordinator, the one who got us our jobs, told us what to do, made me waste 15 mins calling USA so she can brief me on NOC.

Gean with Batch 6

Gean with Batch 7

Family Photo


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