Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Day 90 - Thanks everyone

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I got a few suspicious msn msges today, first Pacey asked me what time i am coming back so he can plan his movie watching and borrowing of my notes.... second Deliang bothered to say he wants to make sure the food is hot when I arrive home.... hmmm

Well when I got back, things looked pretty busy, I mean Lawrence was cooking, ppl were all at home, and Wayne was at our place. He told me he came to do work as he forgot his readings.....

Then slowly more and more people arrived.... surely Alicia, Timothy, Shamir did not forget their readings too! Something was going on.....

More and more showed up... yup everyone needed readings to do EAS445

Ok then the seniors started showing up... and the first thing... "Happy Bday!!!" Ok... so there you have it. A "surprise" Bday party for me. Well considering the Boston grp wished my Happy Bday when we were in Boston (Sunday 2nd was the actual day), I was not really expecting it.

Making a wish

Jeff, Jaron, Tzeling, Peiling and Me.... note Cat in the background to the right and Mel popping his head on the left

Recieving a gift from the Chestnut Housemates representated By Cat and Weijia

And NO I did not bake my own cake this time round!

p.s Many thanks to everyone who showed up really appreciate it guys/gals and also to the Chestnut Household. Esp to the main instigator, you know who you are, my housemates and Pacey my roommate for putting up with me forgetting to turn off my alarm clock every damn time

Ok I will be posting up on my Boston Trip as soon as Wayne is done consolidating the Photos


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